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To develop our vision, we collectively engaged in a process to understand our community and culture, the foundation that supports excellence at the University.

Our long-range planning process revealed the opportunity to more effectively support community members, to improve operations and stewardship and to build an inclusive and cohesive community. Our Community Initiatives include near-term and long-term steps toward our vision of an inspired, inclusive and collaborative community of diverse scholars, students and staff.



The Affordability Task Force has been established in response to the LRP process to address the most concerning and complex affordability challenges our community faces. The task force is charged with developing a set of sustainable, wide-spread, data-informed recommendations to address near- and long-term affordability issues for the university’s populations who are most impacted by these regional challenges.  Topics to be considered include housing, child care, transportation, and benefits.

Learn more about the work in progress (authentication required)

Professional Development and Well Being

Community learning programs for professional development opportunities for staff and faculty and enhanced wellness programs for our community.

Planning is underway in Human Resources.

Community Engagement

  • Programming to unite our campuses and satellite work centers, and to enhance connections among faculty, academic staff, students, postdocs, staff, alumni and trustees. 
  • Master space plan to foster community, including reimagining White Plaza as a vibrant gathering place attracting our entire community. 

Planning is underway in Human Resources.

To learn more about the Town Center initiative, click here



Address “Decentralization: Too Much of a Good Thing?”

Analysis on decentralization will follow Design Team work.